My Reiki Story – so far…….

Eleanor Nikki Fearn

Growing up, I spent a lot of time in nature and with animals; I believe this has shaped my empathy and compassion for all living things. I was very sensitive to energies, so much so that it could be frightening as I had no one to talk to about what I was experiencing and so I learned to block a lot of what I was experiencing.

As I matured into my late teens and early twenties, I intuitively began healing or helping, although at the time I wasn’t acutely aware that, this was what I was doing. I would place my hands on friends or use massage, they said that they could feel their pain (physical and emotional) being lifted away from them. With animals, I would feel warmth and tingling in my hands.

Some time later, a friend, suggested that I should look into finding out how to expand on this natural ability, I wasn’t sure how to go about this, and it was put aside. I had other things going on in my life at the time, keeping me very busy.

A few months later, a friend rang me out of the blue, saying that a lady who was local to her (she lived about 3 hours drive from me) was running a course that she really wanted to attend, but she needed one other person to do the course with her, would I oblige? Obviously, I wanted to know what the course was all about, she told me what she knew about it and why she wanted to do it.

The course was the 1st degree Reiki.

There is a saying that “Reiki Will Find You”.

Well Reiki certainly found me!

Eleanor Nikki Fearn

Eleanor Nikki Fearn












I felt as though I had come home.

I went on to learn the 2nd degree and studied as an apprentice for the 3rd degree and became a master/teacher myself. 

Through Reiki I have gained further insight into my own spirituality and my connectedness to the universal truth. I have come to recognize that my previous experiences, some of which, may have seemed fearful or nonsensical at the time, were all a part of my schooling that brought me to Reiki and my continued learning and spiritual journey.

Paper Qualifications:

Health & Holistic therapies diploma

Counseling certificate

Advanced massage

Art & design diploma

Indonesian massage

1st degree Reiki

Aromatherapy diploma

2nd degree Reiki

The chemistry of essential oils certificate

3rd degree/Reiki Master

Reflexology diploma

Sports massage therapy diploma

Body massage certificate

Lotte Rose certificates in hot and cold mix cosmetics

Body massage diploma

Anatomy and Physiology diploma

Nutrition diploma

Indian head massage diploma