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Reiki enables healing to take place on the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Levels.

In the Spiritual Modem of Healing we look to more than the mundane Physical Body.

We also have what are known as SUBTLE ENERGY BODIES.

The different Subtle Energy Bodies have four main bodies: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.

Each Energy Body has a mutually responsive energy field; the bodies are able to interact and can be affected by each others´energy.

The negative thoughts created by the mind (our consciousness) unbalance the Subtle Energy Bodies.

Negative thinking creates tension, imbalances and energy confraction through the energy bodies; whilst Positive thinking creates relaxation, harmony and balance.

When we have an illness or injury, an imbalance first occurs in our subtle energy bodies before manifesting in our physical body.

If the tension or imbalance is held fast in the subtle energy body, then the energy that regulates our health cannot flow freely and as needed. This energy block can then manifest as an illness or an injury.

Reiki works by releasing the energy blocks.

The Reiki is drawn by the reciever through the channel (the practitioner) from the Universe. The reiki goes to where it is needed most – to the root cause of the problem – why and how the problem was created.

Although we may seek treatment to heal a specific problem with the belief that the problem is physical – the root cause may lay in a Subtle Energy Body.

Reiki will flow to the root and once the root has been released, the remaining healing can take place by allowing the body to rebalance and harmonise.

During or after treatment and attunement the reciever may have to process the thoughts and feelings that created the energy block. This can happen on either a conscious or subconscious level.

The Reiki shifts the energy block, reconciling its imbalance and taking it away – either into the Earth or out into the Universe, where it will be recycled into a new form.