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The 21 Day Cleansing Process


After each Reiki degree´s initiation, the individual goes through a cleansing process.

During the 1st degree attunement process the Healing Channel between the Crown Chakra and the Heart chakra is opened more fully thus also affecting the Lower Chakras.

More Universal Energy is being brought in to the Healing Channel and the Chakras are adjusting to vibrating at a higher vibratory level.

It takes approximately 3 days for each main chakra to adjust to the higher energy. There are 7 main chakras, hence the cleansing process takes approximately 21 days.

During this time, energy blocks that may have been created over the period of one´s life are shifted and released and the initiate may have to process the feelings or thoughts that are associated with the cause of the blocks or obstructions. This can happen on a conscious or a sub-conscious level.

Persons familiar with other types of energy work such as massage, reflexology and aromatherapy will understand the concept of this cleansing process, as a similar process can occur when toxins and blocks are released by these methods:.

For a few days after the energy treatment, one may have cold or flu-like symptoms, headaches or nausea and strong emotional releases such as anger or weepiness.

Strong releases are known as a Healing Crisis.

Once, the toxins are released, the body is more capable of balancing and harmonising itself (known as homeostasis).

Some people do not experience any symptoms of cleansing and for others the symptoms may take place after the 21 day period, for some individuals the cleansing may begin a few days before they start the course.

It is advised, that during the 21 day cleansing process, the initiate drink plenty of good quality water and eat a healthy organic nutritious ethical diet to assist the body throughout the cleanse, as well as performing daily self treatments of Reiki.