unnamed[2]Accommodation is provided at several locations in and around Competa amongst stunning scenery.

Your stay may be in a pueblo blanco townhouse or a countryside retreat.

Double and Twin rooms are available. If you are travelling solo we will match you in a twin share room with another person. Many who share become friends for life.

Each house is fully equipped for your stay with us.

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pimiento[1]bedroom - country retreat



Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are included if required.

Your food is made from locally sourced fresh, seasonal organic ingredients.

ORGANIC VEGETABLESfresh organic salad

We use seasonal vegetables and products that are

organically grown which are healthy for us and healthy for the environment.

Our produce comes from small local organic farmers who are committed to sustain and enhance the health of our soil which helps human life, animal life and plant life.

By obtaining our produce in this way, as well as contributing towards maintaining a healthier environment we have the benefit of all the nutrients we need and avoid consuming harmful chemicals and their residues.