Anyone can learn Reiki; it is very easy to learn.


The student needs to be “attuned” through a sacred ceremony performed by a Reiki Master. The attunements “tune you in” to the Reiki energy, so that you have the benefit of Reiki for yourself and for others for the rest of your life.

These attunements clear & align energy channels & chakras within the body, automatically activating Reiki energy to radiate from the palms of the hands whenever there is a desire to heal or to help.

The gift of Reiki can be attained through classes lasting 2-4 days. Reiki is taught on 3 levels: 1st degree, 2nd degree and 3rd degree.

The emphasis of the 1st degree class being “self healing,” although the energy may be used to treat your family, friends and pets.

The 2nd degree class is also known as the practitioner level, after this class, students may use Reiki professionally and also send healing over distance and time. Also known as remote or absent healing. The many uses of Reiki are only limited by our own imaginations

After the 3rd degree class the student will have the ability to attune others to Reiki and may call themselves a Master of Reiki. In Japan, where Reiki was developed, Master means Teacher. With the 3rd degree class, the student is making a lifetime commitment to teach, to self heal and to Master the self.

Please look at the individual pages about each course.



2 day course to include the following: Accommodation and Full Board (optional) 1st Degree manual for the duration of the course and to take home 1st Degree Certificate on completion of the course Reiki initiations – 4 attunements over a 2 day period Introduction to Reiki Study of the Traditional history of Reiki New information …

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  1st degree Reiki is a prerequisit 2 day course to include the following: Accommodation and Full Board 2nd Degree manual for the duration of the course and to take home 2nd Degree Certificate upon completion of the course Reiki initiations – 2 attunements The Reiki 2nd degree symbols The translation and meaning of the …

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  2nd Degree Reiki is a prerequisite   It is important to consider very carefully before taking the Master degree as with this attunement you are making a commitment to self heal and Master the self for the rest of your life as well as teach Reiki to others. With the 1st and 2nd Degree …

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Please contact us if you require other dates.   1st Degree course: January 10-11-12 January 17-18-19 February 7-8-9 February 14-15-16 March 20 21 22 23   2nd Degree course: January 24-25-26 January 31 & February 1-2 February 21-22-23 February 26-27-28 May 15 16 17 18 JUNE 25 26     MORE DATES TO BE PUBLISHED …

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FEES FOR COURSES IN & AROUND COMPETA, SPAIN 1st DEGREE 2 Day Intensive Mínimum 2 persons – Maximum 10 persons. Prices: a) Course only 100 € per person (without accommodation and board) b) Stay without course, as companion of student (accommodation + full board): 182 € per person c) Stay of 2 nights with full board: 182 € + …

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2-3 day refresher courses are available in first, second and third degree courses. Maybe you enjoyed your time with us so much that you wish to repeat the experience or maybe it has been a while since you practiced and you would like to refresh your memory. Perhaps you would like to spend a few …

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