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2nd Degree Reiki is a prerequisite


It is important to consider very carefully before taking the Master degree as with this attunement you are making a commitment to self heal and Master the self for the rest of your life as well as teach Reiki to others.

With the 1st and 2nd Degree there is the 21 day cleansing process – with the 3rd Degree (Master/Teacher Level) this cleansing process continues for the rest of your life.


The Course:

The duration of time required as an apprentice is assessed according to each individual´s experience.

A minimum of 1 years study as apprentice is required prior to initiation as a Master:

This year must include attendance of 1st and 2nd degree courses, either here in Spain or in your native country, firstly to view and secondly to assist as well as participate in teaching.

In addition several case studies must be undertaken. Personal tutoring is available to you throughout this time.

A 2 day course to include the following:

  • Accommodation and Full Board (at my base in Spain)

  • 3rd Degree manual for the duration of the course and to take home

  • ·3rd Degree Certificate upon completion of the course

  • The Master Initiation Ceremony – 1 attunement

  • (The Master Initiation Ceremony may be performed in the location of your choice – transporting me to and from your preferred location will be your additional cost) Please, no sky diving, bungee jumping or white water rapid rides!

  • The Reiki Master symbol

  • Translation and meaning of the symbol

  • How to use the symbol

  • How to draw the symbol

  • How to perform attunements

  • Energy and Breath exercises

  • Putting together your own manuals

  • Teaching Reiki