The Earth has a Life force energy just as we do and as every living organism on the planet. Just as we can be effected by our surroundings and by our life experiences and others´ experiences around us so too can the Earth, our planet that we live on and off, be effected by events and emotional experiences and feelings.

These experiences can have a negative/positive effect on the Earth. Just like us Humans, the Earth can have a problem releasing the negativity and stress, which can build up if held on to, making the Earth and the land unbalanced.

This imbalance can not only effect the Earth and the land but other living things that have contact with the area.

Examples: your home may have been built upon an old bomb site from the 2nd world war or a battle field from a much earlier time. A car accident in the street can also effect the energy. The events, experiences and emotions from that time can be held within the energy lines (the veins and capilliares) of the Earth. This stress that has been held on to can effect us in the present day.

The interior of your home is often effected as well and additionally can be effected by events that have happened inside the home.

It may be that you can actually feel the imbalance. Or you may be suffering from the symptoms of the imbalance. You may feel constantly tired, irritable, always ill, pick up every bug going then find it really hard to get rid of, nothing goes right, you always have to struggle with everything. Can´t find work, money problems, can´t sell the house.

Things just aren´t quite right.

Earth Healing Acupuncture works to redress the imbalance.

By the use of dowsing rods, the earth´s energy lines and points that need attention can be detected. Healing is then given to these points to help the earth to heal, allowing the energy to run freely and as it should.

A change can be detected and felt almost straight away although the healing will continue over the next few months.


HOUSE HEALING & CLEARING Houses and buildings in general are effected by the energy of the Earth underneath and around them and additionally by the experiences and lifes of those living and working in them throughout the ages. The walls of the building can act as a blotting paper holding on to all the residue …

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