The Importance of Reiki lineage:

Reiki lineage is important because the spiritual essence of Reiki must remain pure in order to be powerful and this can only happen if the original symbols and original forms of teaching the technique remain untainted and intact.

Reiki lineage relates to the tradition of Reiki information being passed down from Master(which translates as Teacher in Japanese) to student.

Before Dr.Usuis´transition, he appointed Dr.Hayashi to be Grand Master of Reiki and in turn Dr. Hayashi passed on the appointment of Grand Master of Reiki to Hawayo Takata.

The current Grand Master of Reiki is Phyllis Lei Furomoto (Takata´s grand daughter).

Hawayo Takata initiated 22 Masters to go out into the world to teach Reiki. Every Reiki student in the western world should be able to trace their lineage from their Master/teacher backwards to Hawayo Takata and thence to Dr. Hayashi and Dr.Usui.

The names of the 22 Reiki masters that Takata attuned as teachers are: (in alphabetical order)

George Arak, Dorothy Bacon, Ursula Baylow, Rick Bockner, Barbara Brown, Fran Brown, Patricia Ewing, Phyllis Lei Furomoto (Takata´s grand daughter) , Beth Gray, John Gray, Iris Ishikuro, Harry Kubai, Ethel Lombardi, Barbara McCullogh, Mary McFadden, Paul Mitchell, Bethel Phaigh, Barbara Ray, Shimobu Saito (Takata´s sister), Virginia Samdahl, Seiji Takimori, Wanja Twan.

The generations in the lineage are counted backwards to Takata.

I am a 7th generation Reiki Master.

My lineage is as follows:

Dr. Usui

Dr. Hayashi

Hawayo Takata

Phyllis Furomoto (current Grand master)

Joost Godschaix

Jan Burggraff

Atty Boom & John Hurst

Susan Barker

Mrs. Dorothy Thomas

Eleanor Nicola Fearn (me)